Rent Payments

CAPC Property Management has partnered with PayLease to give you more ways to pay your rent.




Your PayLease Options

1) Pay Online

Now your rent can be paid from anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection using your bank account or an accepted credit/debit card. To sign up, follow the instructions by clicking the link in the menu above or go directly to

For any questions about your PayLease account, contact PayLease directly. The property management team will not be able to assist you. PayLease can be reached at 866-729-5327 (PAYLEASE) or by email at: You may also find answers to your questions within the PayLease FAQ.

2) Pay In Person

We are currently reviewing an option through PayLease that offers the convenience of paying your rent in person at dozens of neighborhood locations. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this option when it’s available, please let us know by sending the property management team a message.


What Does PayLease Cost?

Fees for using PayLease services are in line with industry standards. See the following chart explaining fees to tenants based on the selected method of payment:


Payment Option Tenant Fee *
ACH Free
Credit Card 3.5%
In Person Coming Soon


* Tenant Fee stated above is per transaction and is subject to change. Contact PayLease for information on current fees or any other fee related questions.